Interview with RJ Prescott

Interview with RJ Prescott

With the release of The Aftermath on the horizon, I’ve done quite a few interviews lately. So when my 9 year old asked if he could interview me in practice for the YouTube channel he hopes to have when he’s older, I thought, why not? Well the interview didn’t go quite like I expected, but I hope you enjoy it :)

Jack: Hello, my name is Jack and this is an interview with RJ Prescott.


Jack: Where would you hide in a zombie apocalypse?

RJ: This is not at all how I thought this interview was going to go.

Jack: Just go with it Mum.

RJ: I’m not telling you.

Jack: Why not?

RJ: Because if I tell everyone my brilliant apocalypse plan then they would all head there and it would be chaos!


(Jack sighs...)


Jack: If a meteorite hit Cardiff and you could only escape with one child, who would it be?

RJ: What kind of question is that? Do you mean out of you and your brother?

Jack: Yes

RJ: Whoever had the cleanest room.

Jack: That’s totally me

RJ: Is it really?

Jack: What, so you’re saying it’s not me and you’d save Gabe?


(RJ Sighs....)


RJ: Next question


Jack: What is your dream car?

RJ: Aston Martin DB10 in Gun Metal Grey

Jack: What does that look like?


RJ shows Jack a picture


Jack: Nice!


Jack: If you could write a children’s book, who would you write it with and what would it be about?

RJ: That’s a really good question!

Jack: Thanks!

RJ: I’d write it with David Walliams because I think he’s hilarious and we’d have a brilliant time and I’d call it ‘The socks behind the sofa.’

Jack: What would it be about?

RJ: Ummm, I think I need more than a few minutes to come up with a full plot for you.

Jack: Ok


Jack: Would you ever like to meet your number one fan?

RJ: Of course! I’d love to be able to chat with and meet people who enjoyed the book.


Jack: What’s your favourite movie?

RJ: Probably Aliens. You haven’t seen it yet because you’re not old enough but it’s really cool.


Jack: Who is your favourite author?

RJ: That’s just mean. That’s like asking me which one of my kids I like best!

Jack: Which one of your kids do you like best?




RJ: Katie Evans is my favourite author


Jack: Who is your favourite superhero?

RJ: Hawkeye


Jack: If you could marry anyone in the world apart from Dad, who would it be?

RJ: Do you have to ask me that when Dad is sitting right next to me?

Jack: Yes

RJ: (Whispers) Tom Hardy


(Lee looks up, rolls eyes and goes back to playing with phone).


Jack: We’re going to go through some of the reader questions now ok?

RJ: Ok


Jack: If you could only read one author for the rest of your life, who would it be and why?

RJ: Although I love Katie Evans, it would probably be Narlini Singh. I love her psy changling series and she has such an enormous back catalogue of books I love, it would keep me going for a long time.


Jack: Where do you get your ideas for your book? Do you know any fighters or did you have to do lots of research?

RJ: When I was younger your Uncle Ga boxed at a gym a lot like the one in my book. He and your granddad were always watching fights on a Saturday night so I already knew quite a bit about boxing. When I first met your Dad he was kick boxing, so I spent a lot of time in the boxing club that he trained at and in the changing room before a fight. It was the kind of details that I got from those experiences that have gone into my stories.


Jack: Who is your favourite character from the books, and you can only pick one!

RJ: I love them all, but if I had to pick just one it would probably be Danny. He is the glue that holds their family together.


Jack: What advice would you give you someone who wants to be a writer? What do you find hardest about writing and where do you find your inspiration?

RJ: I would say, don’t write a story that you think will sell or that people want to read, write a story that you would love to read yourself. Allow yourself to fall in love with your own characters. For me, I always see the story playing out in my head like so for me the book is just me trying to capture how I see the story playing out. The hardest thing about writing is just picking up a pen when you’ve had a long day and you’re really tired, but if I leave my story for too long I get lost and have to re-read so much of it to get back in the flow. So I try and write a little every day, even if its rubbish and I end up cutting it later. When I get writer’s block, it’s re-reading my favourite books that inspire me.


Jack: Did you ever win any writing competitions when you were younger?

RJ: No, never. In fact I hated creative writing at school. I think that’s because the teachers always wanted me to write about the subjects they gave me. Writing is always better when it’s about a subject you enjoy.


Jack: If you could write a book with another author, who would it be?

RJ: There are so many I’d choose but probably Kirstey Mosely. Her book ‘The Boy Who Sneaks Through my Bedroom Window’ is still one of my favourites.


Jack: If you could dress up as a superhero, who would it be?

RJ: Mmmm. Probably Storm from the X-Men. I’d love that hair.


Jack: What does the future look like for the boys in your book? Do you plan on writing about characters other than Kieran and do you have any other WIPS?


What are WIPS Mum?

RJ: It means work in progress. It means am I working on anything else.

Jack: Oh, cool!

RJ: At the moment I’m definitely planning on doing a book for Kieran and Tommy and possibly a novella with Danny’s back story. I’m undecided about Heath and Liam but I’ll see whether readers still want to continue with the series by then. I have an idea for another series that I’d like to do after this, and I’m always writing ideas in my notebook as they come to me, but I have good friends who’d kill me if I started something new before finishing Danny and Kieran’s stories!



Jack: Who is your perfect book boyfriend of all time?

RJ: There are so many amazing book boyfriends out there, but I think I’ll always love Travis Maddox and Remington Tate equally.


Jack: Who do you imagine O’Connell looks like in real life?

RJ: It was really important to me that O’Connell didn’t have a face on the cover of The Hurricane, as I wanted every reader to imagine their own O’Connell. For me I haven’t found the perfect fit yet, but I guess the nearest I can find to the picture in my head would be a slighter taller Daniel Conn.


Jack: Who’s he?

RJ: He’s an Australian rugby player.


Jack: Do you see any of yourself in any of your characters?

RJ: Ha! Actually the only one I see any of myself in is Danny. He can be moody and sarcastic, but he loves his family fiercely.


Jack: Do you get inspiration for your characters from people that you know or someone else?

RJ: A lot of the scenes in my books are based on experiences that I’ve had, but the characters aren’t really based on anyone I know, though the banter between the boys is definitely influenced by your Uncles and some of my Irish friends.


Jack: Do you listen to music when you write? I know the answer to this.

RJ: Because you’ve seen me listening to music when I’m writing?


Jack: No, because Dad’s been looking for headphones for you for Christmas. What music did you listen to for Hurricane and The Aftermath?

RJ: I rarely post my play list as I have a really varied mix depending on the scene I’m writing and it never seems as cool as the lists other authors post. I used the same one for Aftermath as Hurricane only I add songs when I find them. So far I’ve got a load of Hans Zimmer soundtracks for when I don’t want to hear lyrics as I’m writing, the Rocky soundtrack for the fight scenes, Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Hero’ and The Weather Girls ‘It’s raining men’ for Tommy, ‘Demons’ and ‘Radioactive’ by Imagine Dragons, ‘Halo’ by Beyonce, ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay, ‘Unwritten’ by Natasha Bedingfield and ‘Hall of Fame’ by the Script. But probably the two I listen to most are ‘Fighter’ by Gym Class Heroes and ‘I Lived’ by One Republic.

Jack: I like some of them but some I’ve never heard of.

RJ: I have one you’d like. It’s the music Kieran chose for O’Connell to walk out to when he fights.


(Plays ‘Remember the Name’ by Fort Minor)


Jack: (Gasps) I heard that!

RJ: What! No you didn’t (scrambles to turn it off).

Jack: He said the F word!!!

RJ: No he didn’t.

Jack: What’s it called? I’m going to look it up on YouTube?

RJ: I’m not telling you. Next question.


Jack: What’s your favourite flavour of jelly baby?

RJ: I don’t like jelly babies.

Jack: Me either. I prefer Haribos.

RJ: Me too! But I don’t like the sour ones, only the ones with the white foam on the back.

Jack: I like them both, only I don’t like the eggs.

RJ: I know. I always eat the ones you leave.


Jack: Do you ever have dreams about any of your characters?

RJ: Not really, but I do day dream about them a lot in the shower. I know it sounds weird but some of my best ideas come to me when I’m having a shower. I think it’s because it’s the only time of day I get five minutes peace and quiet.


Jack: What swims faster a dog or a horse?

RJ: Seriously?

Jack: Guess who told me to ask you that?

RJ: Now that you’ve said that, I’m guessing one of your Uncles. Uncle Ga?

Jack: Yep.

RJ: I have no idea. A horse???


Jack: What’s the first thing you’ll splash out on when you become a millionaire author with five best sellers under your belt?

RJ: Wouldn’t that be amazing! I’d probably take you boys to Disneyland in America.

Jack: That would be so cool!!!

RJ: I couldn’t go on any of the rides though. Even those swinging chair things at the fair ground make me feel sick. I’ll just take pictures and hold the bags while you all go on the big rides.

Jack: We could take you to meet all the Disney characters after if you were sad about not being able to go on any of the rides.

RJ: Perfect :)